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Why see a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specialists with additional years of training. Along with specialized technical skills, they also posses a thorough understanding of the needs and development of each child. Pediatric dentists offer care for infants, children, adolescents and teenagers. They have also acquired specialized training in treating patients with special needs. Patient management is a large part of the dentist and his or her staffs expertise. In fact, it is perhaps the most important part of pediatric dentistry. With this expertise the hope is to help your child develop a positive outlook towards dentistry as well as form a bond of trust and acceptance with the doctor and his or her staff.

Early involvement beginning with infant dental healthcare, home care instruction and preventative procedures such as sealants, regular cleanings and fluoride applications ensure a happy and healthy smile. As you can see, by seeing a pediatric dentist, not only do you receive excellent dental care for your child, but your child also receives the gift of encouragement to maintain a beautiful smile for the future.

Why are my child's permanent teeth coming in "yellower" than his/her baby teeth?

At approximately 6 to 7 years of age, parents begin to notice the new permanent teeth are coming in darker than the baby teeth. Our permanent teeth have a greater amount of dentin, which is yellow in color. Since the enamel is translucent, the color of the dentin shows through. When all the permanent teeth have erupted the color will blend and appear uniform.

Why is my child's front tooth turning gray?

Many times, due to an injury, the nerve inside the tooth may be bruised or infected causing a grey discoloration. With time, usually within a month or so, the tooth may lighten up or even become darker. Anytime there is an injury to the mouth you need to have your child evaluated by a dentist.

Why does my child have a tooth coming in behind the other?

If a child's mouth is overcrowded, a permanent tooth may not be directly underneath the baby tooth, therefore allowing the permanent tooth to erupt out of its natural alignment. It is wise to have your child evaluated by a dentist to determine whether or not the baby tooth needs to be removed to allow the permanent tooth to erupt in the best possible position.

Will my child need braces?

Sometimes you are able to predict whether your child will need braces by simply looking at how crowded your child's baby teeth are. If your child's baby teeth are very close together then this can mean there will be some straightening of the permanent teeth needed in the future. The determining factor is the way in which your child's bites is. Usually by age 8 or 9 one is able to tell if a child will need braces.

Does my child need fluoride supplements?

Fluoride supplementation is determined by the history of each child's fluoride intake. A child, who drinks plenty of water in a "Fluoridated Community" or Fluoridated bottled water, will not need a fluoride supplement. If you use a water filtration system or are considering the purchase of one, check to see if it filters out fluoride. If it does filter out fluoride your child may need a fluoride supplement. Fluoride assessments can be done by your child's pediatrician or pediatric dentist.

Parent Evaluations for their Child's Anesthesia Experience

We'd like to share some comments from parents who brought their child in for a dental procedure requiring anesthesia.

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Meet Dr. Noormand, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Kourosh Noormand is an anesthesiologist with more than 15 years of experience with pediatric and adult anesthesia. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology.

By providing intravenous sedation (anesthesia) for a more predictable solution, the amounts can be adjusted to the level of sedation necessary to the procedure.  This allows the dentist to focus solely on the dental treatment, thereby reducing the quantity and length of dental appointments required.

More importantly, intravenous sedation allows the patient to remain comfortable and relaxed through the procedure, where they are safely monitored.

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Meet Dr. Anaraki, General Dentistry

Dr. May Anaraki obtained her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles in 1986, and her DDS Degree from University of Missouri, Kansas city in 1990.

She had served in the United States Army for ten years, followed by a successful private practice.

Dr. Anaraki provides treatment in preventive, restorative, periodontics (gums), dentures and cosmetic aesthetic alternatives. She utilizes up to date and state of the art treatment, which include the latest techniques in porcelain crowns, veneers, tooth colored fillings, and teeth whitening.

In addition to being a skilled dental practitioner, Dr. Anaraki’s top priority is her patients’ comfort. She is a caring person with a gentle touch and takes time to communicate every step clearly with her patients about their treatment.

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Meet Dr. Yuen, Orthodontist

Dr. Alexander Yuen is a graduate of the Orthodontic Program at the University of California, Los Angeles ( UCLA), and has been practicing orthodontics for the past twenty years. He also maintains practices in Pasadena and Los Angeles, and makes his home in the San Fernando Valley.

Prior to his orthodontic training, Dr. Yuen was in general dentistry for fifteen years. In addition to earning a Certificate in Orthodontic, he also obtained a Master of Science Degree in Oral Biology at UCLA. Dr. Yuen has been on the teaching faculty in the orthodontic section at the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Dr. Yuen is very personable orthodontist who likes to communicate with patients and parents, and aims to provide efficient and pleasant orthodontic care by utilizing the latest up to date and state of the art treatment modalities. Dr.Yuen places strong emphasis on prevention and early correction of malocclusions in children. Braces are not only for children, as more and more adults are getting their teeth straightened due to new technology which makes braces almost invisible. Dr. Yuen is very experienced in treating the adult patient.

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